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Using pressure points

In Kyusho Jitsu ("Usage of the vital points") vital points of the human body are used (e.g. nerve pressure points, blood vessels and tendons) as targets for punching and kicking techniques (Atemi waza). Kyusho Jitsu is based on the interaction of the knowledge and principles of acupuncture and the connection to the western neurology. Also in other Asian regions / countries, awareness of the vital points of the human body and their use for defense purposes was known. Dim Mak or Dianxue (Chinese style) and Kupso Sul or Hyol Do Bop (Korean style) and Marma Adi (India), to name only the most famous styles.

In Kyusho Jitsu specific neurological or physiological points of the human body are attacked, either by constantly pressure (e.g. Strangulation; Jime waza) or by other force (Strikes, Kicks; Atemi waza). This may lead to the loss of consciousness may reflex reactions, pain, loss of balance, loss of strength. On the other hand, the knowledge acquired as in traditional Chinese medicine are also used to relieve various ailments.
Kyusho Jitsu is explained on two different levels:
  • The traditional - it uses the traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Western medicine - these techniques are scientifically proven.


The execution of Kyusho techniques are similar at first glance, like those of many other martial arts. The maximum effect of the shock and pressure irritation will only be achieved if precisely one pays attention on point accuracy, the correct angle and direction of attack during execution. The force with which, for example, the punch or kick is executed, is rather secondary, since the appropriate points are very sensitive. It is thus possible to achieve maximum success with minimum effort. Even smaller and weaker persons (e.g. children and seniors) can applie successfully with good results at a physically superior attacker these techniques thoroughly.

The basic element of Kyusho is the study of the reactions of the body to the external irritation. Each Kyusho-exercisers should deal in the course of his training with human anatomy. This knowledge is indispensable for the correct application of Kyusho techniques. Instead of making use of force to control or overwhelm an attacker the knowledge of the human body is used.


The defender uses in the defense techniques the vulnerability of the human body, such as nerve or vascular system but also the internal organs, and soft tissues (salivary gland, testes, etc.). The use of pressure points on the human body has at least three functions:

  • Zone control
  • Generation of pain
  • Open more destinations

Substituting the pressure points on nerves and blood vessels a very large effect is reached for self-defense.

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