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Strangulation - blood Strangulation - air

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Strangulation techniques in use

The goal of strangulation is to bring the attacker to give up or set to silence:

  • Whether by compressing the carotid, from both sides of the neck under the pines, which prevents blood flow to the brain, it is called "blood strangulation".
  • Whether by exerting pressure on the trachea ,in front of the throat from the Adam's apple to the upper limit of the sternum. Thereby enriching the blood with oxygen is prevented, it is called "air strangulation".

Both types of strangulation can lead to fainting

There are also nerve strangulations, which can supplement the normal strangulation techniques, please refer to the area Kyusho in the Basics menu.

Anatomical structure of the neck with the course of the arteries:

Strangulation - blood Strangulation - air
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