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Defense techniques

In this section, techniques are presented which illustrate the defense against external forces acting on the defender from the attacker; e.g. Punches, kicks and shocks, both with and without weapons. In contrast to this stands the area "Freeings", where the attacker has already started physical contact with the defender and the defense technique will start after the contact.

The individual sections are divided into subareas due to the differentiation of the presented attacks.

BEATING - Shocks, punches and strikes

Defense against impact, both powerfully executed boxing punches, to normal slap or colloquially called "nudge".

KICKING - Frontal and Side kicks

Here defense techniques against kicks are shown. Kicks can be done in a variety of ways: Laterally, frontal, high or low

ON THE FLOOR - several attacks in the ground

The defender is; apparently helpless in on the ground. The presented defense techniques refer to this is, while also contact attacks are included.

STICK - Defence of stick strikes and shocks

The stick attack is one of the attacks with weapons. Here, the defense technique must be done quickly and effectively, because the risk of injury can be correspondingly higher.

KNIFE - Defence of attacks with the knife

The defense against knife attacks carried out, no ifs or buts, it poses a threat to the own life and is therefore hard to deal with.

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