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Freeing techniques

In this area there are techniques for the Liberation of contact attacks so attacks where direct physical contact between the defender and the attacker is given, such as Clinches, Headlocks or strangulation attacks. In order to preserve the "Ju" in Ju Jutsu, most freeing techniques based on levers (Kansetzu waza), but also Atemi waza are applied.

The most important aspect in the defense and freeing technique is the proportionality of the defense technique to carried attack, see also refering to the legal foundations. It is e.g. not proportionate to counter with a Atemi waza to the larynx of the attacker at a grip to the wrists.

The individual sections are divided into subareas due to the differentiation of the presented attacks.


Grips on the arms or wrists, the attacks done in different ways. At the defense it is paramount that the grip is released, followed by a defensive action.


The headlock is actually a forearm choke hold, being pushed with great force as possible. The neck of the attacked is located between the forearm and the chest of the attacker.


Nelson is actually called a neck lever, the term comes from the wrestle sport. In defense, it is important to free himself from the grip before the entire approach.


Especially women and girls are predestined for clinch attacks. Here also takes first place a solvent technique, followed by a corresponding further defense technique.


Strangling attacks count as an attack on the life of the defender. The defense techniques, can be done more violent, so with e.g. Atemi waza waza, but should nevertheless be proportionate.


The most grip attacks are grips to the clothes or into the hair. These types of attacks I include to the area of contact attacks, because the attacker has already initiated a physical contact.

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