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The techniques shown in this section (Waza) form the basis of a effiktiven defense. The techniques shown are context independent, they are only intended to illustrate technique and provide the basis for a sensible and proportionate defense.

The techniques and rubrics have no claim to completeness and show only selected techniques. Of course, there are a number of variants and extensions of the techniques.

The individual sections are divided into subareas due to the differentiation of the presented techniques.

UKEMI - Fall techniques

The basic idea of ukemi is to distribute the force of the impact of UKE on the largest possible area on the tatami and so relieve the impact to prevent injuries.

UKE - Defense techniques

The Uke waza are using the extremities, block or sweep techniques actively or passively performed in order to best protect yourself and your own body from attack.

ATEMI - Strike techniques

Atemi waza refers techniques of the trageting by shocks, strikes and kicks on sensitive parts of the human body to ward off the attacker, or set him out of action.

KANSETZU - Lever techniques

The motion, brought about by the defender leads to a sharp pain, which forces the attacker to refrain the attacking , or cancel it.

JIME - Strangulation techniques

The goal of strangulation is to bring the attacker to give up or set to silence (Fixation).

KYUSHO - Pressure points

In Kyusho Jitsu ("Usage of the vital points") vital points of the human body, e.g. nerve pressure points, blood vessels and tendons are used as targets for punching and kicking techniques (atemi waza).

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