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Geneal issues

Here general questions about Ju Jitsu and self-defense to be answered. Questions like, "What is the difference between Ju Jutsu and Jiu Jitsu?", "Are there any competitions?", "What graduations are there and what are the exam content?". If I be attacked how I behave, "What does the law provides for opportunities to defend myself?".

The individual sections are divided into subareas due to the differentiation of the presented topics.

INFO - What is Ju Jutsu?

The difference between Ju Jutsu & Jiu Jitsu, as well as the historical development of the two systems. Encyclopedia of martial arts and an explanation of Japanese technical terms.

EXAM - Rules of the BDJJ e.V.

Examination Regulations of the BDJJ e.V. as a list of the exam content for Kyu and Dan graduations.

FEDERATIONS - national umbrella organizations

Federations provide guidelines on, for example, the examination procedures and Competition Rules. Align championships and unify certain aspects of the sport for the affiliated clubs.

SHIAI -Competition systems

The diversity of the competition systems in the Ju Jitsu are quite large. Here, various competition systems are presented and described.

LAW - legal foundations

Using examples, the legal basis in the defense is set forth. As the basis of the German laws "Civil Code" and the "Criminal Code" is used.

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