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Special techniques

In the area of ​​special techniques, you will find techniques that could not be classified in any other category. They are used for fixation or transportation of the attacker, or need tools for defense purposes. The presented Nage waza are of course applicable in combination with Atemi and Kansetzu techniques.

Die einzelnen Rubriken sind aufgrund der Differenzierung der vorgestellten Angriffe in weitere Unterbereiche eingeteilt.

NAGE WAZA - Defence with throwing techniques

Throwing techniques are mostly applied after successful use of a defense technique as a final technique to get quickly and effectively to completing a previously defense.

TRANSPORTATION - Transportation grips

Transport grips serve the short term transportation of an attacker after successful completion of defensive techniques. Here the existence of the "provisional arrest" applies pursuant to § 127 Code of Criminal Procedure.

KATAME WAZA - Fixing the attacker on the ground

An attacker can be locked mostly in the ground by using Katame waza. This applies in circumstances as the existence of the "provisional arrest" pursuant to § 127 Code of Criminal Procedure.

KUBOTAN - Defense with the Kubotan

The Kubotan or Kubaton is a small stick mostly out of metal and can be replaced in reality by e.g. a stable pen. It does not fall under the german weapon law.

HANBO JITSU - Defence with the stick

The stick as a tool for defense may well be replaced in reality by an umbrella or walking stick.

TONFA JITSU - Defence with the tonfa

The Tonfa or the modern form, the multi-use stick of the police forces is versatile usable for defense purposes. But applies in Germany as a weapon see weapons act (WaffG)

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